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Where nutrition and medical analysis meet.

In-House Lab Services

We offer a mobile phlebotomist for blood draws in the greater Sacramento area.

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Medical exploration can provide great insight into the cause of ailments and health concerns. It can also reveal how certain foods affect you as an individual and identify the best nutrition for you.

With this in mind, Dr. Enmark combines her nutritional and medical knowledge (she is a practicing dentist) to evaluate your lab tests. She does this through a functional, health, and optimization lens.

Your Sacramento, CA nutritionist can facilitate the tests or simply use the lab work provided by your primary MD. If you would prefer Dr. Enmark to help, she can conduct tests in her office with the help of a mobile phlebotomist (who will do at-home blood draws) and her in-house lab. In addition to blood tests, our doctor offers salivary, urine, and stool testing kits for at-home use.

Once she has evaluated your tests, she’ll provide a written report, discuss her findings, and provide sustainable recommendations.

Lab Testing

Simply and accurately investigating your health.

At Abitare Health, our board-certified nutritionist carries out or assesses the following lab services:

  • Spectracell Cardiometabolic testing

  • Hormone balance testing

  • Thyroid testing

  • Comprehensive metabolic panels

  • Micronutrient testing

  • Telomere testing

  • Some genetic testing

  • Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory GI-Map

  • Oxford Biomedical Mediator Release food sensitivity testing

  • In- depth analysis of 23andMe results

Lab Results Analysis

Whether tested in-house or at your MD's office, we can analyze your results and guide you through the next steps.
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When analyzing lab results, Dr. Enmark doesn’t just look for diseases and prescribe pills to cover over the symptoms. She uses a functional health approach that looks for the root cause and investigates how to fix it.

She considers blood samples, salivary tests, and more, to discover if certain foods are affecting your health or whether an improved diet could improve the problem.

What’s more, your nutritionist in Sacramento, CA will provide a report, written in easy to understand language. She’ll also walk you through the report and provide recommendations based on her findings.

A young woman in a grey shirt and dark hair, reading papers he is holding in his hands.
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