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Abitare: "To inhabit" (Italian)
It's time for you to reside in health.

Meet Dr. Michelle Enmark

Your skilled and compassionate board-certified nutritionist in Sacramento, CA.

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Coming from Italian heritage, our nutritionist was exposed to lots of fresh food and home-cooked meals. She could see the obvious benefits unprocessed food has on the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to her love of nutrition, Dr. Michelle Enmark has a healthcare background in dentistry. Combining her two passions, she developed an interest in how food can affect a person’s entire health and well-being.

Fast-forward to today, and she is helping others find the realization she had about the food industry and how as a nation we are undernourished. She set out on her mission to help people get real sustainable health solutions with the use of nutrition and medical testing.

Her clients describe her as a good listener, driven, and easy to talk to. Dr. Enmark wants you always to be honest and to take ownership of your health. She can help you with the more complex research and finding the underlying issues you face. However, your commitment is the key! She looks forward to working collaboratively for the good of your health.

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Inhabit Healthy Nutrition

Explore your health like never before.
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Discover how what you eat can impact your life and health. We offer nutritional advice, meal planning, and our expertise so you can love food again.

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Another lifestyle modification that can greatly impact your health is inserting physical activity into your daily routine. Dr. Enmark can help you discover exercise you can enjoy and find the proper place for it in your life.

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Whether through yoga or silent reflection, mediation can help curb negative habits and bring balance into your life. Dr. Enmark provides some helpful techniques to get you on the pathway to tranquility.

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Behavioral Changes

Do you eat a lot of fast food? Do you prioritize work over your health? Dr. Enmark can help you develop a personalized plan to improve your life’s balance.

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We have a professional grade supplement dispensary for those who would like to benefit. Supplements are recommended as an addition to your nutritional plan and not a substitute.

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Goal Setting

Planning for the future is planning for success! Together, we will develop custom plans for all aspects of your health so you can experience long-lasting health.

I was having difficulty sleeping for a few years, which was causing lots of fatigue during the day and some depression. I went to multiple doctors and they just kept prescribing different medications; nothing worked. I talked to Dr. Enmark and she made some recommendations. Within a week, I was getting some sleep and after a few weeks, I felt normal again. I wasn't fatigued, I was more energized, and was able to focus on work. I would highly recommend Dr. Enmark's expertise in nutrition to help you with your health problems.

M.K. (Abitare Health Client)

Journeying With You to Improved Well-Being

Give up the things that are compromising your health and discover a new way of living.
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Health Partnerships
You are never judged at Abitare Health! It is only working side-by-side that we can help you achieve a healthier life. One that is full of vibrancy, balance, and enhanced well-being.
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Personalized Plans
Everything is customized to you! Dr. Enmark gets to know you as an individual before all else. After all, nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Together, we can find the ideal plan and solutions for you.
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Investigative Work
Change isn’t always fast but don't be discouraged. With Dr. Enmark by your side, you can keep trying new methods. We'll find the root cause of your problem and the best way to move forward.
Making Your Experience a Little Easier
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  • Conveniences

    Abitare Health is simplifying complexity in the nutritional world. This includes your consultations with Dr. Enmark and her easy to follow solutions. When working with our nutritionist, you’ll enjoy:

    • Early morning and evening appointments

    • In-house lab testing

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    • Free resources

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